Home Buyers … When was the last time you received money back when you bought a home?

Obtain a rebate of 1% (of the purchase price) with buyer’s agent representation when you buy your next home.

Example:  1% Rebate on $ 300,000 Home Purchase = Rebate of $3,000*

Our buyer rebate program is where we give back to you a Rebate that comes from part of our commission at the closing when you buy a home. We do this as an incentive for you so you keep more money which can come in handy to spend on your new home.

You receive the same service as a traditional broker but with the difference that you receive money back “Rebate”. The result is more business for us and more money in your pocket when you close. The perfect combination!

In order for us to be able to give you a rebate, when you find a home that you are interested in, it is VERY IMPORTANT that your very first contact is with us as your buyer’s agent. You CANNOT contact the listing agent directly or you will automatically become that listing agent’s prospective buyer and we are not able to be involved and give you the rebate. So, it is critical that you contact us as your agent first and tell us the property you are interested in. We will then contact the listing agent as YOUR BUYER'S AGENT.

How our program works:

  1. Get Pre-Approved

Choosing the right lender to guide you is one of the most important steps in the home buying process. USELLSMART partners with local mortgage professionals with years of experience in providing exceptional customer service as well as a variety of competitive loan products.

  1. Search for Homes

Email us your requirements, such as specific location or neighborhood, bedrooms, square footage, pool, no pool, single or two story, etc. etc. And we will send you the most updated list of available properties from the MLS. Or you are welcome to use sites like Realtor.com or any other home search sites and send us your list.

  1. Schedule your home viewing

Once you have decided which homes you want to see, send us a list of the homes you want to view and we will schedule a viewing appointment. Remember…it is VERY IMPORTANT that you contact us and not the listing agent so we can assure your rebate.

  1. The Right home

Once you find the right home we draw up the offer and the rebate agreement showing how much you will receive at closing. After you sign the offer, we send it to the listing agent and begin the negotiating process. Once an agreement is reached, we assist you throughout the entire process until you close. You receive the same service as a regular realtor but you keep more money with our rebate. **Some Limitations Do Apply!

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More important points to remember:

Per recent lending laws in order to have the "Home Buyer Rebate" on the closing statement so you get paid, the buyer rebate MUST be on the original offer to purchase. VERY important. If the rebate language is not on the offer to purchase when we are negotiating with the listing agent you may not get your rebate. Your lender needs to be aware of this rebate and will require the buyer rebate to be ON THE OFFER TO PURCHASE.

Procuring cause: KNOW THIS!  Procuring cause is the "Series of events that lead to the successful purchase of a home". In plain English, it gets down to who deserves the commission on a deal. If you as a buyer contact a listing agent you could become their buyer. Even if you end up buying through us or another agent, that original listing agent could argue you are their buyer because you established contact with them first on the home being purchase.


(1% Rebate based on 3% commission to the selling broker/USELLSMART R.E)

*The Cash Back Rebate Program is subject to conditions, limitations, exclusions, modifications, and/or discontinuation without notice.