Save Money. Preserve the Equity in Your Home…

At USELLSMART, our goal is to save you money by bringing down the high cost of selling your home and passing the savings back to you. We do that by charging an affordable up front flat fee of $ 395.00 or $ 595.00, we list your home on MLS (Multiple Listing Service) the most effective and powerful, real estate website where 89% of homes are sold as well as other site feeds like Zillow, Trulia, and many more. Your listing looks the same as all other listings, buyer agents bring buyers directly to you and you offer to pay them 3% (negotiable). The commission is stated on the MLS. You save thousands of dollars by choosing the option that works best for you and the commission you want to pay.

Savings Comparison -  Sales Price $ 300,000

XYZ Real Estate
6% = $18,000

4% + $495.00 = 12,495

Savings to Homeowner
$ 5,505

Make the USELLSMAERT Real Estate Program work for you, here is how…

  • Chose the option that works best for you
  • Complete the simple order form
  • Receive an email from us with information containing a market analysis of your home to help you determine the sales price.
  • Receive a second email with the listing contract and disclosures for you to electronically sign. Send us pictures of your home or chose to have a professional service at a very reasonable price.
  • A USELLSMART real estate agent will be assigned to you throughout the process.
  • Your home will be in the MLS within 48 hours of receiving your signed documents.
  • Mange your own showings and work with the buyer’s agent directly unless you chose our Full-Service option where we coordinate your showings and represent you throughout the whole process. You can cancel your USELLSMART listing at any time or upgrade to other options, no extra fees
  • Close the deal and save thousands of dollars in home equity …regardless of which of our options you chose.

A Flat-fee listing on the MLS provides you with a listing just like any other listing with the difference being that you have the freedom to sell on your own and to deal directly with inquiring agents all the way through contract and closing. You pay USELLSMART (listing broker) a Flat-fee upfront and when your home sells you pay the selling agent 3% commission (negotiable) as opposed to the traditional 6% to the selling and listing side.  In addition, you benefit from being syndicated to other site feeds like Zillow, Trulia, and many other websites which is automatic once it is on the MLS. If you prefer us to deal with the inquiring agents and represent you throughout the process we also offer this option and we charge a Flat-fee upfront + 1% at closing and the commission to the selling agent is the same.

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